AVMM @ the Bell, Adderbury

AVMM’s annual post-Christmas lunch time work out took place on Monday 28 December and we were blessed with fine dancing weather. After an hour-long set, AVMM’s fledgling mini side took to the stage (well the street!) under the watchful eye of Bagman John Ekers. Most of the minis are John’s grandchildren and they’ll be fine dancers before long! We wish all AVMM members and supporters a very happy New Year.


Christmas Tree Festival, St Mary’s Adderbury

AVMM contributed to the annual Christmas tree festival in St Mary’s church, Adderbury, with a tree decorated in AVMM colours by Chris Holmes and John Ekers. As the church receives many visitors during the festival, Squire Dave Reed and Bagman John Ekers were asked to perform three two-man dances on Saturday 5 December. They were accompanied by AVMM musician Donald McCombie and a group of guest musicians and singers.


The AVMM Christmas dance out at the Bell, Adderbury starts at 12.30pm on Monday 28 December 2015


At the AVMM Annual General Meeting held at the Bell, Adderbury on 11 December, Dave Reed was elected as our new Squire. Thanks were expressed to Edd Frost, who stood down, for his outstanding service to the side as Squire and previously as Bagman. Chris Garrett and John Ekers continue as Treasurer and Bagman respectively.

AVMM will appear at St Mary’s Church Christmas Tree Festival on Saturday 5th December at 11am. The side will also dance outside favourite pubs in Adderbury after Christmas. Details to follow.

Taster sessions for potential new recruits will start in January. Formal practices in preparation for the 2016 Day of Dance take place on Wednesdays at 8pm starting on February 24th.

AVMM @ Blenheim Palace Literary Festival


AVMM with happy tourists from the Far East at Blenheim Palace

Our last dance out of the season was at the Blenheim Palace Literary Festival on Saturday 26 September – a joyful day from the outset. As soon as we assembled outside the Palace, we were mobbed by coach loads of tourists wanting photos with us and  especially with Charlie our hobby horse. Next, we encountered a wedding celebration and yet another photo call! We offered to provide a guard of honour for the happy couple next to a vintage car and that too seemed to make everyone smile. Finally we embarked on two lengthy sets of dances to very enthusiastic crowds enjoying the glorious warm sunshine. Particular thanks must go to Dave for calling all the dances – even while dressed as Charlie (now a talking horse!) and collecting for AVMM at the same time. Afterwards we mingled with the crowd for more photos and our bagman John is hopeful that he’s found a new recruit. A good day out!

AVMM at Ardley with Fewcott Beer & Cider Festival

AVMM danced at the inaugural Ardley with Fewcott Beer and Cider Festival, Ardley and Fewcott Village Hall on Friday evening, 11 September 2015. Featuring more than 25 beers and ciders and a wide range of entertainment, we hope that the event will become a regular AVMM fixture. A large crowd of youngsters enjoyed the dancing and Dave Lovatt’s performance with ‘Charlie’ AVMM’s hobby horse was especially popular. Bagman John Ekers comments:

Well done for Friday’s dance out at Fewcott. Charlie the horse was particularly appreciated by the younger members of the crowd. Thanks to all dancers, musicians, equines and WAGS for coming. Went back to sample the beers with family yesterday. Some very nice ales in the sunshine!