Kineton Farmers’ Market, Saturday 11 May 2024

After a rather damp and chilly Day of Dance, the heat from the continuous bright sunshine that seemed to be trapped in the small but beautiful market square of Kineton, provided a different kind of challenge for the intrepid dancers of AVMM. Some much needed refreshment in the form of chilled cordials was provided by the kind folk who organise the market, and this was greatly appreciated by our small band of eight dancers who worked hard to entertain the shoppers with some very respectable dancing and horsing around.

During the morning we performed 16 dances including a three pair Jockey to the Fair Jig, an eight man Princess Royal and an extended Shepherds’ Hey Jig as our audience participation number. Postman’s Knock is our signature dance and is always enjoyed by the crowd, although some of the audience were shocked by our callous treatment of the horses at the end of “Shooting”, with Dylan and Dimitrii milking as much sympathy from the audience as they could manage. As usual we finished with Brighton Camp and went home to cool off after a busy morning’s work.

Kineton Farmers’ Market, Saturday 11 May 2024

I would particularly like to thank the younger members of the side who danced so well this morning. Theo and Dylan are of course very experienced and talented dancers, but Alfie Jordan also deserves credit for putting so much effort in on a very hot day when he could have been sat in the shade at home preparing for his SATs Tests next week.

We dance next on Wednesday 15th May outside The Coach and Horses in Adderbury starting at 6.45pm.