Adderbury & Sibford Sunday 10 December 2023

We danced twice on Sunday 10th December for two very different events. Our first engagement was at the St Mary’s Adderbury Christmas Tree Festival – our usual annual performance for the local community. The spirit of Christmas seemed sadly lacking as we shot two of our own horses for fun whilst performing Beaux of London City … but wait, we have our own horse specialist vet Chris so no problem, they were instantly cured.  There were lots of dancers for the communal Shepherd’s Hey workshop with much enjoyment and fun for all. Our thanks to St Mary’s for inviting us to dance.

AVMM at the St Mary’s Adderbury Christmas Tree Festival

Next, a drive over to the Sibford Friends Meeting House. The second performance of the day was a contribution to ‘The Story of the Dancer’ to coincide with International Human Rights Day. John writes: we managed a full complement of dancers for both events and danced alongside Sharp & Blunt for some of the dances we both perform. One of these was ‘Constant Billy’. We cross-checked beforehand on the number of figures – apparently the same but somehow, AVMM completed first! No matter it brought some smiles!

Members of Sharp & Blunt dancing during the ‘Story of the Dancer’ performance

It was a pleasure to dance with Sharp and Blunt on this important occasion and at such a  venue. The unique ‘Story of the Dancer’ was written by our musician Donald McCombie to remember the dancers who died during WW1. It is a spoken word piece interspersed with dances from both sides. Great joint dancing concluded with a communal morris off Shepherds Hey. Our thanks to Sibford Religious Society of Friends and to Sharp & Blunt. 

Our thanks to all who danced yesterday and to all who joined us. We wish you a happy Christmas. AVMM are planning to dance-out in Adderbury on Tuesday 26 December commencing at 12:30pm outside the Coach & Horses. We hope to see you there!

Donald McCombie & John Ekers