Banbury dance-out Saturday 7 October 2023

The sun shone and crowd smiled as once again we marked the much-missed Hobby Horse festival with beasts of our own and dancing, not just in the Adderbury Village tradition, but also in the versions of dances from across the Cotswolds  presented by our visitors, Adlington Morris Men.

Taking it in turns we covered many of our favourite dances, and occasionally Adlington danced their own version to our familiar tunes, such as Sweet Jenny Jones and Postman’s knock. It’s always fascinating to witness other interpretations of these old Cotswold dances.

Charlie the horse was joined by a beautiful Unicorn called Ewan, and we had various members of the public join us for the shared Shepherd’s Hey. After a final photo opportunity with the now famous Cock-horse at Banbury Cross, Adlington were on their way to their next dance venue.

Our grateful thanks to everyone from the Adlington team for joining us and making it such a special day.

David Snell, Bagman