AVMM in the Banbury Guardian, 25 February 2016

Photograph and report of AVMM’s taster day on 20 February published in the Banbury Guardian, February 25, 2016

Banbury Guardian Thu Feb 25

Morris men dancing a good tune

The historic tradition of morris dancing was brought to life in Adderbury on Saturday as members of one of the village teams got together to hold a public open session to attract new members. Adderbury Village Morris Men take part in events across the country, and are known for their distinct top hat and green braces combination. They managed to attract at least one new member ahead of the Day of Dance on April 23, where they, Adderbury Morris Men and the women’s team Sharp and Blunt dance all day at various locations across the village. John Ekers of Adderbury Village Morris Men said: “We’d love to get more people involved, particularly younger ones. We had one person turn up on Saturday who absolutely loved it so we managed to show him five dances in a couple of hours. There is no commitment or costs involved and it is available for all ages.” For more information call John Ekers on 01869 811741