AVMM is back in the Tithe Barn! March, 2022

At long last we are back in the wonderful surroundings of the ancient tithe barn in Adderbury so that we can prepare for the new Morris dancing season, and the joy we all felt was obvious. Former Squire John played for the first couple of dances and when Donald arrived there was a wonderful moment when we had three musicians, with Richard playing some whistle for the first time (Richard says that learning the tunes on a whistle was a lockdown project!)

Although a little rusty, we all threw ourselves enthusiastically into every dance, and surprisingly few mistakes were made, given that none of us had danced since December. As you can see from the image, we were all jumping for joy! 

Our first practice session back in the Tithe Barn, Adderbury on Wednesday 2nd March 2022

We hope to see everyone at the practise sessions in the barn every Wednesday starting at 7pm.

David Snell, Bagman