AVMM around the world! January, 2022

As we look forward to resuming our weekly practices at the end of February, our Bagman David Snell suggested that you might like to know that the eyes of the Morris dancing world and beyond are waiting to read about our performances! For example, today (24 January 2022) the AVMM website was visited by people located in China, Latvia, the UK, Ukraine and the USA.

Our website includes a simple statistics counter that provides summary details about the locations of AVMM website visitors and here is an overview:

Top 9 country visitors to the AVMM website (January 2022):

1 – United States

2 – Germany

3 – United Kingdom

4 – Russian Federation

5 – Netherlands

6 – China

7 – France

8 – Ireland

9 – Singapore

In addition to the ‘Top 9’ that account for most website visits, our visitor count country ranking (in order of frequency of visits) is: Brazil; Turkey; Sweden; India; Vietnam; Luxembourg; Hong Kong; Canada; Belgium; Ukraine; Austria; Thailand; Poland; Columbia and with small numbers of visitors from more than 70 other countries!  

The purpose of the AVMM website is to provide a simple, low cost and low maintenance AVMM point of presence, including contact details. Prior to establishing the site, we knew that a number of visiting Morris sides had tried to make contact with us but had experienced difficulties in doing so.

The site has five sections:

Home: Where AVMM is based; Link to the ‘Way of the Morris’ official trailer (YouTube – run time 2:14 mins); An overview of Morris dancing in Adderbury; Some AVMM highlights (Son of Morris On, Laugh dance and sing CDs; Tour of Northern France & Belgium; Way of the Morris; Fairport’s Cropredy Convention (2012)); AVMM on Facebook link. This content can be updated but it doesn’t need to be changed regularly, so it is mostly ‘static’ content.

History: Static content – The origins of Morris dancing; Morris dancing in Adderbury; The modern revival in Adderbury, the list of past Squires.

News: Dynamic content – a news report (normally written by the Squire or the Bagman) and a least one photograph of every AVMM dance-out. I always post links to the latest news item on the AVMM Facebook page and as this page is well established, the link increases traffic to the AVMM website.

Join Us: Static content – Become part of the tradition and contact details.

Contact Us: Static content – List of current AVMM officers, Further information and bookings and contact details.

AVMM on Facebook


The AVMM Facebook page was established by Nick Duxbury (prior to our current website) and it is an important resource as anyone can easily upload their photos and videos of AVMM in action. Facebook is a ‘free-to-us’ way of maintaining an image-based archive. It is also an excellent source of referrals for our website as lots of people know about it and follow the posts. As noted earlier, after every dance-out, I post a link to the related news item on the AVMM website. When viewers click on the News item link, they are transferred across to the detailed News item on our website. Nick and I are the AVMM Facebook page administrators and I regularly check for any messages and booking requests sent to us via the AVMM page as some people prefer to contact us via Facebook Messenger.

Richard Teare

AVMM website and Facebook page administrator