A right song and dance at the Star, Sulgrave, 12 June 19

AVMM were delighted to join our hosts, Brackley Morris, at one of their regular weekly dance outs. The weather forecast was distinctly unpromising and so AVMM took the precaution of arriving early and in good numbers. Having staked out our territory in the bar we danced in the street outside the pub, much to the delight of the landlady and the Brackley men and also the bemusement of passing drivers. Percy, the younger of our two horses, cavorted around the dancers and jockey Theo, did good work when required, holding an umbrella to keep the rain off the musicians’ instruments. Once Brackley had raised a full side, with the help of Dorset Dave, who can dance styles of Cotswold Morris of which Cecil Sharp could only dream, we took turn and turn about. The rain becoming more persistent, we finished our al fresco exertions with members of both sides joining in AVMM’s Brighton Camp and returned to the bar for refreshments and shared music and song.

At 73, Dave Reed still dances a variety of traditions and is an inspiration to us all. Here he is dancing with Brackley Morris.

Although it was a school night for Theo, his Mum Kim decided that prolonging the evening would offer educational benefit for her son and so it proved. Dorset Dave taught him some dubious French and opened his eyes to some of the experiences of military personnel in The Great War whilst David S. gave him a few tips on playing the spoons. Songs and stories were shared by all and I heard a couple of new verses to ‘Come Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl’ as well as a rare folk song about bell ringers from North Devon. All in all it was a most convivial evening. As well as being an excellent warm up for Saturday’s booking at the Fringford Beer Festival and Fete, it was good to catch up with so many old friends and to laugh, dance and sing o’er a drop of good beer!

Squire John Ekers

Laugh, sing and dance is brewed once a year for our annual day of dance but we enjoy all three of these every time we perform!