Fringford Beer Festival, 15 June 19

I was so proud of the side today. Fringford is one of my favourite beer festivals and a delightful traditional Fete, raising money for valuable local causes like MIND research and the local church. AVMM danced a splendid half hour set with a strong side, displaying our range of age and experience, which must be the envy of many other traditional sides who are struggling to recruit new members after the 1970s folk and Morris revival. We finished our set with the traditional Brighton Camp featuring ten members of the side with an age range of over sixty years.

Intricate overhead sticking! Photo by Hannah

After a brief refreshment break in the beer tent, we also danced a short set of five dances outside The Butchers’ Arms. Congratulations to Ryan, who not expecting to be asked to dance again, managed to perform a splendid Jockey to the Fair with Troy, without regurgitating the enormous burger which he had consumed after our scheduled set. The strength in depth of the current side was demonstrated by no fewer than four different members calling the dances despite the absence of many regular dancers and callers. Congratulations to six year old Owen who performed brilliantly at a high profile event for the first time. His heys were a joy to behold. Thanks too to Chris G and particularly Phil T, who travelled from Shropshire to be with us, and provided continuity with the 1970s revival side. It was evident that God loves a Morris dancer, as floods of almost biblical proportions occurred either side of our two sets, during which we danced 90% of our repertoire, while the sun shone on AVMM.

Our wonderful young dancers: Dylan (left) and Owen (right). Photo by Hannah

Thanks to all who performed so well today and particularly to our musician and Bagman, Donald, without whom today could not have happened.

Squire John Ekers