Wroxton Fete, 27 May 19

AVMM were happy to perform at Wroxton Fete – a regular booking for us in recent years. A strong side with an excellent blend of youth and experience delighted the Bank Holiday crowd at this popular event. We danced two sets featuring almost all our dances and were particularly pleased to introduce our latest new recruit, Troy’s son Owen, who is six. He danced three dances and has clearly benefited from some intensive coaching from his father. Troy and Ryan performed Jockey To The Fair Jig, which drew many appreciate comments from the crowd and we managed to introduce several members of the audience to the delights of Morris in teaching volunteers a version of the Shepherds’ Hey Dance.

AVMM at Wroxton Fete – photo by Hannah

I am very grateful to those who turned out to perform today on a busy weekend. Donald and Malcolm, our musicians, and the dancers, Dorset Dave, David, Ryan, Troy, Mark, Dylan and young Owen. Without their enthusiasm and commitment to the side, we would not be able dance out so frequently nor be able to maintain such a high standard of dancing.

Three generations of AVMM dancers (left to right – Dylan, John, Owen and Troy) – photo by Hannah

Our next bookings are at 8pm on Wednesday 12th June when we are due at The Star at Sulgrave to dance with Brackley Morris. Later in that week at 1pm on Saturday 15th we will be entertaining the crowds at the Fringford Beer Festival.

Squire John Ekers