Wilmcote, 23 September 17

On Saturday 23 September, AVMM members Donald, David and Richard sang, played and demonstrated the Morris tradition at the Apple Day, Tudor re-enactment, Mary’s Arden’s farm at Wilmcote, near Stratford-upon-Avon.  Built by Mary’s father, Robert Arden around 1514, Mary Arden’s House has been significantly altered over time. Today, visitors to Mary Arden’s Farm can peek inside the chimney and the walls, discover how the house was built and imagine what life must have been like for Mary when she lived here with her seven sisters. Add to this, the Apple Day events with many demonstrations of traditional crafts, song and dance. As ever at this event, there were a lot of children who enjoyed interacting with Charlie our hobby horse (ridden by Liz, a visitor from the USA) and many of them joined David and Richard by participating in the Shepherd’s Hey. Our thanks to Donald for organizing an excellent day.