Whichford, Great Tew & Adderbury, 10 June 17

AVMM had a busy day performing at three venues and completing 36 dances by the time we called a halt outside The Bell. David and Giles Snell, Ryan and John started the day at The Straw Kitchen in Whichford where Giles works. He was allowed to swap his apron for baldricks and a top hat and so impressed the patrons of the cafe and his boss, Maia, that she gave him the rest of the day off on condition that she and co-worker, Maya could join us on our last dance there.

There was another big and appreciative crowd at the Great Tew School Fete where we were joined by Dorset Dave and his family on the occasion of his 71st birthday. We danced three sets here interspersing our performances with music from a couple of local bands and our former Squire played along on his new harmonica while hiding behind the horse box which served as a stage. Our regular performers were joined for a couple of dances by whistle player, Malcolm. Later on we enlisted a member of the crowd to replace him on our final dance. Unfortunately, he had been sampling Old Rosie from the bar rather too enthusiastically and struggled to master the sticking or to dance in straight lines. Patrons of the Fete were much amused.

AVMM at Great Tew School Fete

Our final venue was The Bell in Adderbury where we were due to be joined by Wyvern Jubilee Morris Men on their Cotswold weekend tour. They were running very late so we entertained the crowd with most of the dances from our repertoire and welcomed a most promising newcomer, John’s son-in-law, Troy. We also continued our policy of encouraging the youth wing of AVMM by introducing four of Dave and John’s grandchildren aged between four and seven to the joys of morris dancing in a slowed down version of Brighton Camp. By the time Wyvern finally arrived we decided to call it a day and leave the venue to our guests from the West Country who invited us for their 40th anniversary celebrations next year. Dave’s new harmonica was bedded in by this time and he managed a respectable Shepherd’s Hey alongside Wyvern’s accordionist.

All in all it was a most enjoyable day of warm sunshine in beautiful surroundings. Congratulations to Ryan and Giles who are improving all the time and many thanks to our superb musicians, Donald, Dave and Malcolm.