Wroxton Fete, 29 May 17

A cloudy afternoon in North Oxfordshire brought us to a regular annual booking in Wroxton, which despite the overcast sky was a throng of eager buyers at the many stalls. As usual we set up by the duckpond with its newly thatched duck-house and family of 14 fluffy ducklings hiding in the reeds. Kicking off with our traditional Sweet Jenny Jones, we followed up with nine set dances (Bluebells, Buffoon, Constant Billy, Flasher, Lads, Roast Beef, Hail to the Chief, Happy Man, Washing Days). Our mid-session refreshment was, for Morris Men, an unusual tipple of Pimms, and the second half included our Squire John Ekers and founder member Phil Taylor dancing the Jockey double jig. By this time, the rain was coming and prompted our fiddlers Jim Plester and Dave ‘Stovepipe’ Mortlock to case their instruments, leaving Malcolm on tinwhistle and Donald on buttonbox to brave it out. We finished up with an eight-man Brighton Camp including an enthusiastic enforced volunteer from Chicago who thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite acquiring some bruised knuckles. Our reception from the crowd was very rewarding and we have been re-booked for next year. Morris On.