St Peter & Paul, Winderton, 28 May 17

A reduced AVMM consisting of musician Donald McCombie and dancers David Snell and John Ekers entertained a large audience during a varied summer musical celebration at the beautiful old church of St Peter & Paul, Winderton. The church was built in 1877 but closed in 1981, is no longer a functioning church, but is kept in excellent condition by a group of friends and used for a variety of events. Donald and John talked about the AVMM tradition mentioning George Butterworth, Janet Blunt, the film The Way of the Morris and the revival side. The two dancers then performed four dances (SJJ, Shepherds’ Hey Jig, Roast Beef of Old English and Black Joke) on a carpeted stage in front of a seated audience and afterwards joined Donald in leading the singing of Wild Mountain Thyme.