Whitchurch Summer Fete, Saturday 1 July 2023

Bagman David Snell write:

Sitting here on a cliff above the beautiful Porthcurno Bay watching the waves ebb and flow, it feels a long way from the location of our last dance out on Saturday in the bucolic setting of the fete in a farm field near the medieval lost village of Whitchurch in the Stour Valley.  However, I find that the motion of the waves puts me in mind of our dances, as they sway to and fro, overlapping and crossing over. I even saw some crows this morning above our campsite swooping in the gusting wind, doing something that looked very much like an Adderbury hey!

Flowers of Ilimington Morris with the Adderbury Village Morris Men

The fete itself was a lovely affair, with all the traditional tombola, cakes and tea, and it was a great to share the event with Flowers of Ilmington Morris, whom some of us had met before. We danced in turn, and compared our sides’ interpretations of haste to the wedding, constant Billy, and shepherds hey, all of which were markedly different! It was a fascinating afternoon of cultural exchange between our two sides. 

We hope we can visit again next year and dance again with the Flowers of Ilmington Morris.