Fringford Beer Festival, Saturday 10 June 2023

Sitting on this balmy evening in a bar on Capitol Hill Street in Washington DC, it’s hard to believe that only four days ago I was dancing with the side at the most quintessential of English events, the village fete and beer festival at Fringford near Bicester.

We danced two sets in front of the audience at the festival, and also entertained people at the pub at the edge of the green with several of our regular dances. Despite the near drought conditions, as we danced on the grass in the central arena, sure enough the worms rose up and we had to watch our stepping to avoid squishing them!

It was lovely to have a record number of folk to join us for our traditional shared ‘Shepherd’s Hey’ (a total of 28 dancers); I am always amazed how fast some people pick up the various steps and clapping moves of that dance. There were eight of our regular team which also included our new dancers, who continue to make good progress, and it was lovely that their families could come along too. 

Shepherd’s Hey audience participation dance – all 28 of us!

Fringford Festival is an annual favourite with AVMM, and is a joyful celebration of all aspects of village life and and a fine platform for local talents and performers. My only regret is that I could not stay long enough to see the chap dressed as a snail playing the ukulele!

David Snell, Bagman