Great Rollright Autumn Fair, 10 September 22

The Great Rollright Autumn Fair is hosted each year by the Friends of Great Rollright School. It is the main annual fund raising event for the school and this year the event began with a reflection and thanksgiving led by the vicar and council officials for the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The AVMM side all wore black arm ties and prior to dancing, our Treasurer Troy Daniels added our tribute to HM the Queen.

The event had many stalls and attractions for children and there were several hundred people in the field where we danced two sets, including Shepherd’s Hey with audience participation. The lady dancing opposite Richard danced every step perfectly – she said she’d learnt the dance as a university student many years before!

The very young and some slightly older dancers enjoying the Shepherd’s Hey. Photo by Hannah.

We were thrilled that our former Squire, David Reed and his wife Chris were able to join us for his final public dance out with us prior to moving to Wales. David has been a constant source of encouragement to all of us and has patiently helped to teach a number of us to dance over the past few years. He is a mine of information too about all things Morris-related and we shall miss him.

Left to right (back row): John, Richard, David, Donald, David Reed, Chris and Troy. Front row: Owen, Luke and Chris. Photo by Hannah.

We should like to thank the Friends of Great Rollright School and in particular, Charlotte and Chris for inviting us to dance and for their hospitality; our friendly audience and Hannah Ekers for taking some lovely photos.