Wroxton Fete, 6 August 22

A glorious Saturday was the perfect setting for our first dance out in almost 6 weeks. Wroxton Fete had invited us to entertain it’s visitors over the course of lunchtime in ideal weather conditions. We started with Sweet Jenny Jones and Haste to the Wedding, in which it was clear to see that the break in dancing events had certainly not diminished our quality as everyone danced brilliantly. Following on from that we shot some birds out of the sky with the Beaux of London City followed by Hail to the Chief and Lads a’Buncham to finish our first set.

After wandering around the fete to take in the sunshine (or running to find water and shade), we returned for a second set. We started with the Bluebells of Scotland and went on to perform Stourton Wake, Washing Day and Shepherds Hey both as a set and with the audience. We concluded with Postman’s Knock and Brighton Camp whilst singing and sticking for the whole fete to hear!

It was so much fun and great to see everyone dancing, singing and enjoying the good weather. Thanks to everyone who came, with a special well done to our youngest dancer Luke who did brilliantly throughout the afternoon. In a few years he’ll be tall enough to not have to stretch to during the overhead portion of Lads a’Buncham!! Thank you to the organisers for inviting us, to Hannah for the lovely photos and Donald for playing loudly and clearly over the noise of the fete and keeping us in time during Brighton Camp!

Squire Ryan