Mary Arden’s House, Stratford-Upon-Avon, 15 September 19

A beautiful autumn day in Shakespeare land saw Adderbury Village Morris spread equine joy galore at the Mary Ardens House Harvest festival event. Such a lovely and friendly event deserved the sunshine. 

Donald and Ryan ‘on stage’ at the Mary Arden Festival Event

The highlights of the day were surely the masses of children dancing Shepherd’s Hey and the procession of horses. So good are our Adderbury Village horses that even the real thing was fooled. See the picture of the elegant white pony that joined us, complete with Elizabethan minder.

Which is the ‘real’ horse?

Also on offer were the Silver Bough musicians, an amazing medieval puppet show, falconry and all manner of Elizabethan persons revived from history for our delight. What a day! What a venue! What a date next year?  Come you thankful people come, raise the song of harvest home! 

Thank you to all at Mary Arden’s House. 

Donald McCombie