Dancing with Swedes, Adderbury, 02 September, 19

Haste to the Wedding

After our exertions at Wardington Manor House on Sunday, we were keen enough to dance out again the next day on our home patch. Through the good auspices of Adderbury’s Sharp & Blunt Morris Side we gathered at The Bell on Monday at 7pm. What a rewarding experience this turned out to be. S&B were hosting a visit by Eken Morris from Sweden. This side from Stockholm were on a Cotswold tour to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. They formed in 1979 as a result of a growing interest in English folk music in the 1970’s, and have toured the UK, the first time in 1986, then 1992, 1994 and 2015. They are all Swedish nationals and speak wonderful English (although one admitted to being from Cornwall which we all know is not in England). They can even sing many of our folk songs.

Eken dancing Constant Billy – Adderbury Sharp

The evening took the form of each side taking turns one dance at a time, S&B kicking off with Washing Day and later their unique style of Lollipop Man. Eken then took to the stage and performed Country Gardens, (see https://youtu.be/TUp86m1fwbA), Constant Billy, Skipping Chickens (a dance of their own devising to a Danish tune), Bean Setting and Lads a’Bunchum.

Postman’s Knock

AVMM’s contributions were Söta Jenny Jones, Hasten till Bröllopet (Blottare), Brevbärarens Slå, Glad Man and Prinsessa Kunglig. We acquitted ourselves well and our display was much appreciated by the visitors who were witnessing Adderbury Blunt tradition for the first time.

Eken watching AVMM dance

This was a brilliant evening of international harmony and a demonstration of the fun to be had with the Morris family of ladies (S&B), men & boys (AVMM including Dylan) and a mixed side (Eken).

Eken dancing Skipping Chickens

Proceedings were concluded with a massed Shepherd’s Hey Morris Off and posing for a group photo.

Eken dancing Bean Setting – Headington Quarry

The happy throng then retired to the back bar of the pub to swell the ranks attending Sheena & John’s fortnightly singaround The Bell Folk Club.

AVMM, Eken, Sharp & Blunt

Dave Reed