Adderbury Day of Dance, 27 April 19

Thank you to all the dancers and musicians who braved the most challenging conditions that I can recall for a Day of Dance and made the day so special. In particular, thanks to Phil, Bob, Dave and Robin who all travelled from far afield in spite of the dire weather forecast. In the end it hardly rained and the sun made a brief appearance in the afternoon, even if the storm meant that hats were blown off mid-dance and bottles of beer and even traffic barriers were knocked over.

Notwithstanding the weather, the standard of dancing was high and our youngsters all performed very well and took on new challenges including learning new dances on the hoof. Alfie, Dylan and Theo all seemed to attract other youngsters, some of whom expressed interest in joining the side and Theo even called several dances. This bodes very well for the future. The photograph (below) features two of our young dancers alongside our more established members performing at Lake House where we enjoyed a break from the wind and the generous hospitality and attention of staff and patients.

Dylan (left) and Theo (right) join ten adult dancers for ‘Shepherd’s Hey’ at Lake House

It was good to be joined by Chris and Sandra from The Bell for our drinking jig. This was the first husband and wife team to join us for this highlight of the day, a fitting tribute to their generosity in welcoming us on so many occasions and providing the excellent beer. Thanks as always must go to Donald and Malcolm for their music throughout the day. They were joined for some dances by Dave Reed on harmonica and at Le Hall Place by Chris Leslie on fiddle.

A day to remember!

Squire John Ekers