St George’s Day, Harborne & Deddington, 23 April 19

AVMM celebrated this special day in the Morris calendar in some style, dancing out in the afternoon and evening in two very different locations. Once again, we were honoured to entertain the delightful regulars at the Harborne Day Centre for adults with learning difficulties in Birmingham, where we demonstrated a good selection of our dances as well as involving the residents in storytelling, singing and learning Shepherd’s Hey. Our youngest new recruit, six year old Owen Daniels, stole the show and was complimented by everyone present for his fine dancing. With more practice and greater strength he could soon be out-dancing the other Australian National in the side, to whom he is related.

In the evening we toured three pubs around the market square in Deddington,  performing no less than 19 dances in preparation for our Day of Dance which takes place on Saturday 27 April in Adderbury. 11 dancers and two musicians were able to turn out on a warm, dry evening and all acquitted themselves very well. We were particularly pleased to be the first Morris side to dance at The Red Lion, reopened under new management. We sang ‘Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl’ inside the pub and congratulated the friendly new landlord on a very well kept pint of Tribute Pale Ale, before finishing a busy celebration of dancing in the twilight outside The Deddington Arms. Thanks to publicity secretary Richard for liaising with the Deddington pubs and making the evening such a success and to Donald and Malcolm for their music throughout the practice season.

St George’s Day in Deddington

The practice season has been well attended since January and our oldest member, Dorset Dave Reed, has proved an exemplary tutor of the AVMM tradition as well as being a fount of all Morris lore. With his full beard and striking attire he increasingly resembles an Old Testament prophet. Squire John and Bagman Donald are confident that we have the personnel and the enthusiasm to enjoy another successful season and look forward to being joined by many old friends on Saturday.

Squire John Ekers