First Practice, Adderbury, 26 February 20

As always, the seasons turn, and as sure as eggs is eggs, the weekly dance practices start again. It was with palpable delight that members of the side re-convened in the Tithe Barn on Wednesday evening 26 February and we had the pleasure of welcoming four new recruits, who by the end of the session were showing great promise and clearly enjoying themselves; I believe it is true to say that despite it being their first time with a stick in their hands, no knuckles were rapped! Contrary to photographic evidence, the Squire did not spend the entire evening with his hands in his pockets, indeed he and father of the side Dorset Dave, the latter competing with John Wright for the best beard in the side competition, led a very instructive and productive session. The musicians accompanied the dancing with an orchestral flourish, and as tradition dictates we retired afterwards to the Bell for a sociable pint. And so the dancing year commences!

Bagman David Snell

First practice in the Tithe Barn, Adderbury, 26 February 2020