Chacombe Care Home Fete, 20 July 19

AVMM were delighted to provide the annual Summer Fete entertainment once more on a warm afternoon in the idyllic grounds of the Chacombe Care Home. As residents and visitors enjoyed a variety of food stuffs and tried their luck on the tombolas and raffles, they were able to watch a strong Adderbury side perform a dozen of their dances spread over two sets with a break for much needed ice creams and other refreshments. Several members of the crowd shared happy memories of the early days of the 70s revival side with the current dancers. One, in particular, with great fondness recalled our fool entertaining the locals at his late mother’s pub in North Oxfordshire. Six members of the audience volunteered to try their hand at Morris dancing in our audience participation version of Shepherd’s Hey. Three young boys, aged between two and seven, showed considerable potential, no doubt inspired by the excellent dancing of young Owen, who didn’t put a foot wrong all afternoon. Once again, Ryan called the majority of the dances and he and Troy performed a splendid Jockey to the Fair, mirrored on this occasion by Percy the horse, ably ridden by David.

Troy and Ryan dance Jockey to the Fair. Photo courtesy of Hannah

I am very grateful to Donald for arranging the booking and for providing the music on his splendid Serrenelli button accordion. Also, thanks to Richard, David, Troy,  Ryan and others who continue to turn out regularly and ensure that AVMM always fields a full complement of skilful dancers at each booking. As is traditional, we concluded our performance with an impressive display of sticking on Brighton Camp.

Squire John Ekers

AVMM performing at the annual Chacombe Care Home Summer Fete. Photo courtesy of Hannah