Kineton Farmers’ Market, 13th July 19

Eight dancers from the side, together with our musician Donald, entertained an enthusiastic crowd at the excellent Kineton Farmers’ village market on Saturday 13th July – a regular AVMM booking for a number of years. With three dancers, Theo, Dylan and Owen all under 13 years of age, increasing in confidence and improving all the time, the future of the side looks rosy.

Theo, Owen and Dylan watching the AVMM ‘Jockey to the Fair’ jig

We danced most of the dances in our repertoire with Ryan and Troy’s Jockey to the Fair Jig being particularly impressive. Ryan and Theo, together with Squire John, shared in the calling of the dances and there were plenty of willing volunteers from the crowd for both Shepherds’ Hey and Brighton Camp. As well as being paid our usual fee, we were offered a choice of fresh apple juice or home brewed beer to refresh us on a warm and humid morning. We look forward to returning to Kineton again soon.

Troy and Ryan performing ‘Jockey to the Fair’

Squire John Ekers