Chacombe, 9 June 18

Bagman Donald McCombie writes:

An afternoon dancing for the senior citizens at Chacombe Park Nursing home was the latest AVMM performance. With the advancing age profile of most Morris sides we are particularly respectful of this group of Chacombe residents. However with Theo present we were able to show some real youthful dancing. It is purely coincidentally that he was then made the target for a firing squad of wet sponges ! No it was not the climax to shooting, this time,  just one of the fetes sideshows. To the delight of every one he survived for the next dance.

It was a pleasure to be part of the fete and perform our dances for the large audience of residents and  spectators who particularly applauded our eight dancers, two musicians  and one horse version of Brighton Camp. I would write more, however ‘I must return to the girl I left behind me.’ ……….in Brighton.