Kineton Farmers’ Market, 12 May 18

Squire John Ekers writes:

Seven regular dancers, Charlie the horse and two musicians received a warm welcome as we entertained a large and enthusiastic crowd at Kineton Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning 12 May. The weather was perfect for Morris dancing and AVMM danced to a very high standard showcasing the full range of our repertoire in a 45 minute set which included Postman’s Knock, Beaux of London City and Washing Day. Several visitors to the market were introduced to the joys of dancing with AVMM and after a brief period of intensive coaching, joined us in demonstrations of Shepherd’s Hey and a ten man Brighton Camp.

AVMM entertain at Kineton Farmers’ Market

Children from the local Primary school then performed a couple of Maypole dances before we concluded this lovely event with a two man Shepherd’s by Squire John and his grandson Dylan followed by a four man Princess Royal. We received plenty of positive feedback from the crowd with requests for our services at other events and enquiries from potential new members. I am very grateful to both our regular musicians Donald and Malcolm and to Dave R, Dylan, Ryan, Mark, Chris H and David who played and danced superbly. We declined an opportunity to dance the drinking jig (apple juice and cider donated by one of the market stalls) only because time did not permit it. But we sampled the product and very fine it was too. A very good morning’s work!