Bledington, Gloucestershire, 19 July 16

At the invitation of the Gloucestershire Morris Men, AVMM danced with GMM and Eynsham Morris at The King’s Head Inn, Bledington, on Tuesday 19 July.

Squire David Reed writes: Setting off at 6:45pm on the hottest day of the year, the car temperature gauge was still showing 30C though fortunately, the King’s Head dance area was in shadow. We got the evening under way with Sweet Jenny Jones assisted by melodeon from Mike Thomas of GMM followed by Beaux, Flasher, Buffoon, Washing Day and Brighton Camp (5 of us + 5 young Snell and Teare family members & friends). For our last two dances, we borrowed experienced members of GMM – Lads a’Bunchum (with Paul Gilman) and Black Joke (with Bob Entwistle). Paul can often be seen in the crowd on our Day of Dance each year. After darkness fell, GMM led us in a music and song session in the open air with additional contributions from Eynsham and AVMM.

Bagman John Ekers adds: The setting was perfect on a balmy evening with a full moon. Our Squire did a spot of moonlighting himself, donning his straw hat for our hosts (Squire Dave can be spotted in the photo below) and he also led the music and song ensemble in a couple of unaccompanied songs.

IMG_2008 Gloucestershire Morris Men dancing Vandals of Hammerwich (Lichfield)

Thanks to all who have been able to support the side thus far – it has been a lot of fun. See you all again in September at Chris Garrett’s birthday bash on Saturday 3rd September in Milton .