Kineton, Balscote & Shutford 14 May 16

Squire David Reed writes: Thanks to the men who turned out on Saturday 14 May to appreciative audiences at three venues. We started the day at Kineton Farmer’s Market and our last dance, Brighton Camp was enlivened by the participation of the local copper. We think that this is the first time we’ve danced with the Police. Next we danced at the Butcher’s Arms – our grateful thanks go to landlady Fenella for providing sandwiches to keep us going. As we were down to four dancers at this point, we adapted our dances for the rest of the day but we were able to put on a long show at the Shutford Queen’s Birthday celebrations. Police participation again for Brighton Camp via the involvement of their PCSO. We danced 28 times in the day (18 different dances) and with two different police officers – a great day out!